Top Banifits of Garlic

Garlic as well as a natural health remedy long used to treat various diseases , as is known. In most countries it is extremely easy to obtain and can be eaten cooked or fresh . This is most easily incorporated into your diet is or can be eaten alone . Or fresh garlic if you do not have to limit yourself . Garlic powder or dried garlic flakes equally effective for everyday use and is super easy to keep in the closet .

The adults have a long two or three times a day , and children consume no more than half to one clove a day once or twice a quarter that is recommended .

You see from the list below , as well as being a delicious addition to almost any dish can be cooked garlic in our daily life to help is amazing abilities . It is used for medicinal purposes , to treat a variety of diseases of garlic , as well as make your dinner taste so good that I can help .

Garlic help your health that can be used if you want to know how to sit and garlic Read our 10 amazing health benefits .
A natural health remedies used to treat various diseases long as the music is well known amazing health ailL'ail 10 . In most countries it is extremely easy to obtain and can be eaten cooked or fresh . This is most easily incorporated into your diet is or can be eaten alone . Or fresh garlic if you do not have to limit yourself . Garlic powder or dried garlic flakes equally effective for everyday use and is super easy to keep in the closet .

The adults have a long two or three times a day , and children consume no more than half to one clove a day once or twice a quarter that is recommended .

You see from the list below , as well as being a delicious addition to almost any dish can be cooked garlic in our daily life to help is amazing abilities . It is used for medicinal purposes , to treat a variety of diseases of garlic , as well as make your dinner taste so good that I can help .

Garlic help your health that can be used if you want to know how to sit and garlic Read our 10 amazing health benefits .
Garlic as well as a natural health remedy long used to treat various diseases , as is known. In most countries it is extremely easy to obtain and can be eaten cooked or fresh . This is most easily incorporated into your diet is or can be eaten alone . Or fresh garlic if you do not have to limit yourself . Garlic powder or dried garlic flakes equally effective for everyday use and is super easy to keep in the closet .

The adults have a long two or three times a day , and children consume no more than half to one clove a day once or twice a quarter that is recommended .

You see from the list below , as well as being a delicious addition to almost any dish can be cooked garlic in our daily life to help is amazing abilities . It is used for medicinal purposes , to treat a variety of diseases of garlic , as well as make your dinner taste so good that I can help .

Garlic help your health that can be used if you want to know how to sit and garlic Read our 10 Amazing Health Benefits.
10 Amazing Health Benefits.

  1.  Garlic in the belly to get the weight of the child has been found to help. You ready to have a baby garlic breath next time. In this case you have a history of big kids, unless you want to jump extra doses?
  2. Garlic boosts the immune system and chest infections, coughs and helps to fight against the crowd. Garlic in the winter months to boost your immune system and prevent colds and flu is an ideal diet. At the first sign of a cold, an old folk remedy that has been dipped in honey is eating a clove of garlic. Why try and see if it works for you or not?
  3. Garlic is a very effective treatment for conditions of hyperthyroidism that iodine, which contains high levels. Treatment with garlic has been shown to improve her condition.
  4. treated with vitamin C for scurvy and vitamin C. Garlic also contains good levels.
  5. Popular folklore garlic scare hungry vampire is better than that! Impotence prolonged doses of garlic is thought to benefit from, and processing continues in many communities today. Why go to the doctor for viagra prescription for several months before attempting to treat yourself with garlic not?
  6. Cardiovascular disease can be reduced by eating garlic. With LDL cholesterol can be reduced by the use of garlic in your body that accumulates on the walls of the veins garlic and plaque deposits in the aorta is not a friend. Studies of heart disease than the amazing benefits of eating garlic has been shown.
  7. Bacterial and fungal infections are vaginal toast when treated with garlic! When crushed or bruised, garlic releases allicin is a sulfuric compound which is a natural antibiotic. WWI soldiers even seemingly crushed garlic used on infected wounds sustained in battle. If you decide to take garlic in the form of tablets sure to use powder capsules. The methods used to create garlic tablets destroy allicin which is present.
  8. Garlic is an excellent source of Vitamin B6 is necessary for a healthy immune system and effective growth of new cells. Vitamin B6 may also help mood swings and improve your disposition Gay!
  9. Garlic may assist in the prevention of various cancers. Bladder cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and stomach cancer are found to have reduced their tumors when treated with garlic. Vitamin B6 is said to have the capacity to fight against cancer.
  10. Garlic regulates blood sugar because it increases the level of insulin in the blood. This can help control diabetes. Consult a doctor if you believe that the use of garlic may help your condition.

Top 20 Best Banifits of Green Tea

1. Green tea and cancer:
Green tea helps reduce the risk of cancer. Green tea antioxidant 100 times more effective than vitamin C and 24 times better than vitamin E linked to prostate cancer believed to protect cells against damage to your body helps.

2. Green tea and heart disease:
Green tea reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease and stroke helps. Even after the heart attack, it prevents cell deaths and speeds up the recovery of heart cells.

3. Green tea and Anti-aging:
Green tea polyphenols which fight against free radicals, known as an antioxidant. It helps you fight against aging and promotes longevity means.

4. Green tea and weight loss:
Your body green tea helps with weight loss. Green tea burns fat and boosts your metabolism rate naturally. Burn 70 calories a day you can help. I have 7 pounds a year.

5. Green tea and skin:
Antioxidant in green tea, which cause wrinkling and skin aging free radicals, protect skin against the harmful effects. Green tea also helps fight against skin cancer.

6. Green tea and arthritis:
Green tea to prevent and reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis can help. It destroys the cartilage that protects the cartilage by blocking the enzyme that makes the green tea is beneficial to your health.

7. Green tea and bones: 
The key to this high fluoride content found in green tea. This is to keep your bones strong, helps. If you drink green tea every day, this will help preserve your bone density.

8. Green tea and cholesterol:
Green tea can help lower blood cholesterol. Also by reducing bad cholesterol levels, good cholesterol to bad cholesterol ratio improved.

9. Green tea and obesity:
Green tea fat cells by stopping the movement of glucose prevents obesity. You are on a healthy diet, regular exercise and drinking green tea, it is unlikely you'll be obese.

10. Green tea and diabetes:
Green Tea and Diabetes Green tea improves lipid and glucose metabolism, blood sugar levels and prevents a significant increase in the rate of your metabolism balanced.

11. Green tea and Alzheimers:
Green tea helps boost your memory. There is no cure for Alzheimer's disease, although it may result in Alzheimer's disease, to slow the process of reduced acetylcholine in the brain that helps.

12. Green tea and Parkinson's:
Antioxidants in green tea may cause Parkinson's disease in the brain cell that helps prevent against damage. People who drink green tea with Parkinson's disease are less likely to develop.

13. Green tea and liver disease:
Green tea in people with liver failure helps prevent transplant failure. Research green tea fatty liver destroys harmful free radicals that are shown.

14. Green tea and high blood pressure:
Green tea helps prevent high blood pressure. Green tea drinking, high blood pressure leads to suppression of angiotensin, by helping to maintain blood pressure.

15. Green tea and food poisoning:
Catechin in green tea causes food poisoning and kills the toxins produced by bacteria, which can kill bacteria.

16. Green tea and blood sugar:
Blood sugar tends to increase with age, but polyphenols and polysaccharides in green tea lower blood sugar levels in your blood helps.

17. Green tea and immunity:
Green tea polyphenols and flavonoids found in the fight against infections, strengthen your health, help boost your immune system.

18. Green tea and cold and flu:
Green tea prevents you from getting a cold or flu. Vitamin C in green tea if you treat the flu and colds that helps.

19. Green tea and asthma: 
Theophylline in green tea reduce the severity of asthma, bronchial tubes relax the muscles which support.

20. Green tea and HIV:
Japanese scientists have found that EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) in green tea can stop HIV from binding to healthy immune cells. What this means is that green tea can help stop the HIV virus from spreading.        

Top 10 Good Effect Of Running

Top 10 Good Effect Of Running:

1. Weight Loss
Running help you lose weight a great form of exercise to make a significant amount of calories burned. This is a high impact exercise and weighing just a few pounds more than you, is going to hurt your legs and hips may cause, but be careful. You still can run, but you need to start slow.

2. Cardiovascular Health
Your regular run time increases your cardiovascular health. Increase the flexibility of your arteries and blood pressure will be lower. Both to reduce the risk of having a heart attack will help.

3. Bone Density
Your generation, especially back, hips and legs, you can improve bone density. With strong bones, you also can strengthen your muscles. Your muscles become bigger, but it will be stronger. You also reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

4. Appetite
When you run regularly you will burn more calories because you will actually eat. You often hungry and a better, healthier appetite will have. Regular exercise is good for digestion.

5. Sleep
Run often promotes good sleep is healthy because it helps you sleep better. You also go on a good run before you must ensure adequate sleep. Not getting enough rest can lead to more training.

6. Diabetes
Only 30 minutes five days a week is all the time, is minimize the risk of type 2 diabetes. You also should keep an eye on your blood sugars and carbohydrates.

7. Cancer
At least five days a week for 30 minutes each time is running different types of cancer can help reduce the risk. These types of cancer of the uterus, breast and bowel cancer are also included.

8. Depression
The operation also has a positive effect on your mental health. It increases your physical self-concept and help reduce depression and improve your mood can feel better in your skin that helps.

9. Breathing
Running will strengthen your lungs. After a few flights of stairs you usually get out of breath, then you'll notice that most, your lungs are getting stronger without the stutter will be able to fly.

10. Energy
Are you often tired, running can help. Playing you can help increase energy levels. Sure, it makes you healthier and it helps, but still running gets your blood pumping and it's up to you.

Top 6 Good Effect Of Milk

Milk is an important part of our diet. We started to drink when young, but as we age our contribution decreases. It will add too much fat in their diet are afraid that some people are confused. Most believe that he needs to leave the other. You get the benefits of drinking milk are never too old to. It is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients, such as many health benefits, it is:

1. Glowing Skin:

Cleopatra, her skin soft, supple and radiant to help keep the milk bath . You can do the same thing , or you gain a few glasses of whole milk every day can drink . Milk in its best light has many nutrients that help skin . The lactic acid which help smooth the skin as an exfoliating enzymes and can work . It also helps to keep the skin moisturized is the amino acid . Milk as it contains antioxidants , to prevent damage due to environmental toxins can help . Your sensitivity to milk or dairy products , however , if , in addition to milk can aggravate your skin .

 2.Healthy Bones and Teeths:

Milk is important for bone health, and calcium, is an excellent source. Increase their bones while young children need, but adults keep their bones strong and prevent osteoporosis needs to be not only. Milk is very good for the teeth and tooth decay and helps prevent cavities. Be absorbed by the body for calcium, vitamin D must be present. If you have a deficiency of vitamin D, your body absorb calcium, vitamin D supplement to ensure that the milk is enriched with purchase.

3. Muscles:

Which help to rebuild muscle milk protein, contains. The need to recover your body after exercise to drink a glass of milk. It replenishing fluids lost during your workout will help to while away the pain.

4. Weight Loss:

Study, women who drink low-fat milk milk from their diets exclude those who show that much weight. This is a great appetizer and a healthy breakfast. Eat a piece of fruit or drink a glass dinner will be.

5. Less Stress:

Milk at the end of the day is a great way to relax. A glass of warm milk relaxes tense muscles and will help to calm the nerves. Reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms of milk and have been proven to boost energy. The next time you feel tired, take a bubble bath and a glass of milk to drink.

6. Healthy Body:

Milk reduces the risk of blood pressure and stroke are the features. It reduces the production of cholesterol by the liver, and it can act as an antacid. A and B vitamins in milk help build a good view can. Milk to help lower risk of certain cancers has been in show.

10 Top Advantages of Eating Vegetables

Green time from the early centuries of our culture and the " Society" has been part of . Those leafy vegetables miraculous powers believed that in the early days . Green people quickly and super energy has been used in the treatment of many diseases . But nowadays , people forget our own green and moved by artificial means . They lose weight or to build their bones , to get rid of their diseases take a lot of medicines and capsules . Therefore , because of the many side effects of the drug are exposed . Here, we miracle green ( health and healing with zero side effects ) nature of reminding our readers and talk about the science involved . Here's the top 10 health benefits of eating green vegetables.

10 Top Advantages of Eating Vegetables:

1. Clearer Skin
Green vegetables, and finally clear our skin is glowing. They eliminate toxins and our skin "flower" help to make. Leafy vegetables has always been a beautician on the list. They also completed a checklist actress beauty secret. These foods are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. Enhance the skin's natural glow and help us get rid of skin dullness help. Such as spinach, chard and arugula vegetables contain all the necessary elements to help and we look "good."

2. Mental Clarity and Focus
Green vegetables fresh in our minds and help to improve our knowledge. Improve our monitoring to help reduce anxiety and panic. Intake of green vegetables for the individual's ability to enjoy life improves, creating a balance between life activities and helps the individual to realize their potential ensures its capabilities Excellent work and an organization / community contributes to success. Vitamin C, vitamin B and magnesium that helps improve concentration discharge. Thus these elements romaine lettuce, broccoli and cabbage as are found in green vegetables.

3. Easy Digestibility
Green vegetables are rich in fibers. Fiber ensures that our intestines are a smooth transition from food, keeps our intestines in good "working" condition and provides good health. Green vegetables are rich in iron and help carry oxygen to all parts of the body and maintain a good level of hemoglobin in the blood. Transport of oxygen throughout the body facilitates the efficient digestion. The intake of leafy vegetables prevents inflammation of the digestive organs and also prevents constipation. Crohn's disease can be completely eliminated with the addition of "leaf". Taking Bok Choy, cabbage, chard, collards, kale, lettuce and spinach is essential. We must ensure that at least one of our classic meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) includes greens on a regular basis.

4. Increased Energy
Leafy vegetables without affecting the digestive system, vitamins , nutrients and carbohydrates provide a power increase . Our bodies all those "essential substance" since it is a safe and accurate , there is no problem at all . The absorption of carbohydrates and fully and effectively used by our body . To complete the whole process of the body and its currency is called the body of Adenosine ( ATP ) Triphosphate is very important . Good amounts of magnesium by the body to synthesize ATP is required . Magnesium beet greens , green and leafy vegetables like spinach are found in . If "green" food , that we will always be fresh and energetic , get our stuff , feel happy and enjoy our day .

5. Natural Weight Loss
Leafy vegetables help reduce cravings for junk food . Junk food to gain weight is the main culprit for our generation . Many people are overweight and various heart problems and therefore are aware of the disease . Leafy vegetables should be a good amount of vitamins , minerals , carbonate and fiber of our body provides . This gives us the right to nutrition and we safely and effectively , helps to lose weight quickly . These people today to lose weight try to follow the " famine " over. Such Chard, Mustard Greens , Turnip Greens, Collard and vegetables weight loss facility that contains all the elements . Take in foods in the right amounts still value a healthy BMI ( Body Mass Index) helps maintain .

6. Protect your Heart
Folic acid is the name of the substance that protects our heart. It protects us against various cardiovascular diseases and reduces the risk of heart attacks. Romaine lettuce, green vegetable contains all the elements that protect our heart. It provides the necessary amounts of fiber and folate in the body. The potassium and various other antioxidant substances which are present in green vegetables to reduce the likelihood of heart disease. Heart health is improved and ultimately leads to greater longevity. All green vegetables contain these "substances heart." Leafy vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek leaves and coriander leaves should be taken in good quantities.

7. Prevent Cancer
Cancer cells divide uncontrollably distribution and time again that the cause is a disease . Uncontrollable division tumors and tumors affecting these parts of the body gives rise to . The tumor tissue of tumor cells to nurture the growth of new blood vessels to normal impulses / send signals . Consumption of these signals and blocks the green vegetables prevents cancer . Such as cabbage, mustard greens and vegetables helps to disrupt tumor signal that contain a substance called isothiocyanate ethyl Phen . Carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) act as antioxidants , and they harm our body from harmful free radicals murder. Carotenoids are found in dark leafy green vegetables and thus breast cancer , lung cancer , skin cancer and stomach cancer, as are responsible for the prevention of various cancers . Mouth , throat and larynx also related cancers can be avoided .

8. Pump up your muscles
Research green leafy vegetables (especially spinach ) muscles has demonstrated a unique ability to build . These vegetables in a short time using less oxygen to the muscles which help to climb consists of inorganic nitrate . Mitochondria, the power house of the body works better with the intake of leafy vegetables as it is called . The conversion of vegetable protein in muscle mass accelerates . Out of nitrates , calcium and iron in these vegetables also contain muscles that are responsible for the development . Spinach / leafy vegetables Revelation muscles responsible for chemical extracted from the original " heroes " are . However , " the six pack and muscles " people who want to take in large quantities in vegetables . A daily intake of 1 kg of spinach strengthen the muscles in the short term .

9. Sharpen your eyesight
All dark green leafy vegetables contain vitamin A in the right quantity . In addition to vitamin A , they contain lutein and zeaxanthin . These " elements" We allow everyone to see . When we move from light to dark , our eyes are feeling the pressure and difficulties . With vitamins , we have our eyes move from darkness to light or vice versa, when I try to adapt easily . High power light comes on when I sometimes our eyes can feel tired . High energy light cause eye damage and eye (light high point energy can not be avoided ) must be protected from such damage . Safely reach our eyes and keep our eyes lutein and Zeaxanthin filter light from high energy. In addition to leaf vegetables reduce the risk of cataracts and chronic diseases of the eye turns . Age-related degeneration, vision may be too late . lutein and zeaxanthin intake of 10mg/day and green is good amounts are taken to be satisfied with this case . Black , spinach , peas , turnips and broccoli are rich in these elements and give us healthy and sharp eyes .

10. Build your bones
In a recent clinical study, people who have low vitamin than vitamin overdose are more prone to fractures than those who have shown that , on average, every existence , prevent , reduce the risk of fractures and bone to prevent loss of 120 micrograms per day of vitamin is required . 45 mg of vitamin A as a treatment for osteoporosis patients is injected . Vitamin K in a short period of time helps build new bone . It also strengthens bones and is used to give good shape . The bone mineral density helps maintain a good level . What is the main source of vitamins ? Yes, it is green vegetables . Spinach , radicchio and watercress required amount of vitamins in our body , and we help build strong bones, like the salad leaves. Strong bones help build a strong and healthy body . Leafy vegetables, more calcium (used for building bones ) that milk and zero cholesterol / fat ratio .

Bad Effect of Cell Phones for Kids

Important step in technology affect our lives and the new trends among children is a growing demand for the gadget. In demand for mobile phones is also very common and many parents wonder. If you still are not sure about it, so your kids cell phone is required to analyze the advantages and disadvantages. This message kids need cell phones or explains in detail about.

Advantages of Cell Phones for Kids

Mobile phones are a number of benefits for children . First, the phone connects to children and their parents . There are only a call away from parents to their children . Child's return home is something stuck in traffic , so he can tell his parents . In this office who spend most of their time working is more important than for the pair . GPS Phone with kids these days are also available . Another benefit of mobile phones such as calendars and children to follow their activities that allow features such as reminders . They also plan their time to develop the habit of getting up early alarm function can use . Finally , their mobile phones at home have proved beneficial for sick children . Their children to school with the help of their mobile can be in touch with their families

Bad Effect of Cell Phones for Kids

There are various disadvantages of mobile phones for children. First, call the kids and do not care much about the tariff rate. As such, they can spend a lot of money on mobile. At a young age children to control and may result in additional costs for parents is difficult. Children to a demerit to mobile phones, the mobile can break. The risk of rupture is higher than in adults. Musical fun for small children to call a large loss or abusing others can use it as evil.

10 Bad Effect of Cell Phones are given below:

1. Distraction for the group:
A phone ringing, or text or send Ringing tones "booster" class that disrupt all the annoying sounds. Kids are going to school and cell phones, that no matter how things "work" here? They forgot to mute their phones, be, and then is engaged.

2. Distraction for the individual:
So, for example, the mobile phone is turned off or set, the "only vibrate." The rest of the class can not be bothered with the phone, but the person holding the phone certainly will be. Whenever a message arrives or the phone vibrates, we have a lesson to offer first reaction listening to a teacher, including the stop, and the answer is to call or visit the text. Learning by allowing this type of disaster can be impeded.

3.  Reduction in Learning:
Mobile phone use may be limited in a school, even if, during lunch and study hall time, for example, would still expect a call or text to an environment 's. Students from mobile phone calls and messages during periods focus on their students or their teacher about homework for the day.

4. Disrespectful:
These meals or between classes are also times when texting or talking on a cell phone is rude to spend. Students must develop relationships face to face, and to discuss their mobile phone spend most of their time in school, so he's learning how to establish the relations are not.

5. Cheating:
Students cell phones to cheat on tests and assignments that provide a new way. Sitting in a classroom with other students can post responses. I am a student in a class of their phone / camera and for greater opportunities to cheat a friend in the afternoon class with the text can take a picture of the test questions. A better policy does not allow cell phones in schools.

6. Theft:
Cell phones, attractive, download Full and expensive technology. Everyone wants the latest model. Students in the school to allow mobile phones to schools saw a significant increase in the number of complaints of theft. To prevent theft of their home or drop them into a locked car is best.

7. Loss: 
The student has a lot to do multitasking and have a cell phone to school is one more thing. It can be expensive to replace the mobile phone lost, misplaced or forgotten.

8. Breakage: 
School cell phones are not the safest places. He urged students in the safe books and bag, jerk. Things fall to the ground. This is a mobile device which could be damaged an environment. The cost of buying a mobile phone, it is best to leave out of school.

9. Invasion of privacy:
Many models of mobile phones come with cameras. For example, in the locker room taking pictures of other students, and to incite harassment or bullying for students to use their images sometimes unscrupulous.

10. Fueling the rumor mill:
Old game "telephone", a message to all, whispering in the ear of the next child passes the message, and what is whispered in the ear of a child, students heard the message. The last person I heard them as he began his final story that gives very little similarity to find their dismay, gets up and repeats the message to the rest of the class . "Telephone" Today's game messaging and more students can spread rapidly, setting off rumors and often is unnecessary and unfounded fears.

Facts about Fast Food.

Fast-food product because of a variety of health problems often rumored. High in sugar or fat, artificial ingredients that on a regular basis are not to be used. Regular consumption of these components, heart disease, diabetes and cancer can cause health problems. Be aware of the effects of fast food you already have heart or digestive problems, especially if your diet to be sure that it is necessary to determine.

Facts about Fast Food.

1. More calories
Survey of 300 extra calories snacking people than they would normally consume is estimated that the. Most in the culture of snacking food consumption in the U.S. only 43 per cent of waste by providing the McDonalds.

2. Addicting ingredient
Extra sugar and food coloring is put in fast food to make it more attractive, especially for young viewers. Many believe that these addictive ingredients contribute to the growing obesity epidemic.

3. Soaring obesity
During the last twenty years, the number of obese children has doubled and the number of overweight adolescents has tripled. In 2004, aged 6-18 years, an estimated nine million children are obese. An impressive 65 percent of American adults are overweight. That about 60 million adults and 9 million morbidly obese 127 million overweight adults considered obese, or more than 100 pounds overweight include.

Disadvantages of Fast Food

Fast food often soy, salt, cheese or filled with ingredients such as mayonnaise and often adding extra nutrition without adds a lot of extra calories, which is fried. Given the large amount of calories, the calories you take in. For example, to burn will take a significant amount of exercise, a large Coke, fries and Big take seven hours of exercise to burn calories will the Mac McDonald. Consuming high levels of calories without burning it can lead to additional health problems.

1. Obesity
Fast food high in sugar and fat can lead to an increased risk of obesity. The living near fast food restaurants are much more likely to be obese, have shown that. Oil and fast food preservatives used to keep cooking, try your activity level even if your body, which makes it difficult to shed excess calories, fat to shed hard 's.

2. Liver damage
It is not discussed as often, liver damage associated with the consumption of fast food is a major threat. Trans-fat junk food often, for long periods of time before consumption can sit prefabricated foods is used as a stabilizer is loaded with artificial fats. Your body to eliminate fat from your system works, it accumulates in the liver and can cause damage. This is due to the regular consumption of alcohol is similar to that damage. If it is not held in check, it can lead to liver failure.

3. Cardiovascular diseases
Fast food is high in sodium and cholesterol, regular consumption can cause damage to the cardiovascular system. Cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack or stroke, can clog arteries. Sodium chips, sodas or fortified meat products at high levels increase the risk of heart attack or stroke may increase your blood pressure will. Your cardiovascular system is compromised, it will allow you to maintain health that physical activity may be difficult to perform.

4. Impact on the environment
In addition to the clinical effects of fast food , junk food production and sales have a significant adverse effect on the environment . For fast food meat in the amount of resources required to carry a lack of resources creates . For example , a pound of ground meat we eat 2,500 gallons of water and 16 pounds of grain it takes to produce , livestock and grain to feed their need to raise the nation's nothing to say. Fast -food animal products, meat and animals to high often antibiotics are fed backward are caused by poor diet . Antibiotics and growth hormones that may result in adverse health effects , can be transferred to those who eat the meat . Some people fast food on a regular basis, damage to the immune system, growth or development of excess breast tissue is reported .

Bad Effect of Smoking

1. Coughing:
The smokers cough. Try your body get rid of toxins you inhale while smoking as a way to use it as being a smoker after a predetermined time, you smoking people will begin to experience a cough.

2. Yellow Teeth: 
Many smokers have a very bright white smile that was almost yellow to stop, or smiling to hide their teeth when they smile, the feeling when.

3. Trouble With BloodCcirculation: 
Wash your breath and with it a period of time after their bloody therefore is in your blood, as before, your body, your blood flowing freely will not clog your arteries begin. The heart (hands and feet) ARES reduce the blood flow will be the first, and you begin to experience cold hands and feet will be.

4. Lessened Glowing Of Your Skin: 
Healthy skin has a natural glow, but with clogged arteries, blood flow gradually your skin look like gray and paler than making use decreased.

5. Ugly Yellow Fingertips: 
Several times a day finger is in contact with your skin, smoke, gradually, you see the ugly yellow fingers, toes, hands holding cigarettes will do.

6. Lessened Ability To Smell The Lovely Flowers: 
Well maybe you do not have to smell the flowers, but a negative effect of smoking and soon after a smoker, you have the ability to taste and feel very bad that deep before. The good news, however, he came back after leaving fast enough.

7. Lessened LungCcapacity: 
Your overall fitness level largely Your lung capacity, and is determined by the negative effects of smoking, lung capacity gradually deteriorates. I was sporting a serious level was a test, but a test track had collapsed during smoking and that my lung capacity was well below normal for their age group.

8. Lower Energy: 
If you smoke, your immune system for a long rest. Smoke enters your body immediately when the immune system starts to fight, and to talk to her Overdrive is working on. Additional energy consumption must come from somewhere, and it does. Energy used comes from your overall energy level, at the same time, reduced lung capacity further reduces your energy level at which your body's oxygen consumption, reduces. If you usually smoke at a lower energy level can expect.

9. Less Oxygen For Your Brain: 
Low oxygen in the blood, so it needs to work better, less oxygen to the brain caused. It focuses on the ability of things to have a below average can produce, and it also can cause dizziness.

Disadvantages Of Softdrinks.

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, more than 90 billion gallons of soda consumed each year. Carbonation generally soda, sugar or fructose, phosphoric acid, sodium and contain additional calories. Unfortunately, soft drinks, water and other fluids often healthy alternative. Dehydration consume soda, high sugar intake, weight reduction, including loss of calcium, yields

Sixty percent of your body weight is water. You lose water when you sweat, urine and breathing. To keep the body functioning properly, you need to replace lost fluids with water. Sodas are often used in place of water or other hydrating fluids are. Many sodas increased urination and less available to perform vital functions of liquid exiting the body which acts as a diuretic caffeine contains. Moreover, some soft diet and water from the cells can promote dehydration beverages, which contain significant amounts of sodium.

High taking Suger Content.
Many soft drinks contain high levels of sugar. 12 oz serving of cola, for example, sugar, 39 grams, or 3.3 tablespoons included. Consuming large amounts of sugar in your glucose level in the blood raises your risk of cardiovascular disease may increase. Furthermore, many soft drinks through their base containing sugar syrup or high fructose corn HFCS. Pressure levels HFCS pancreas and blood sugar levels can be stabilized. Every day the sugar consumption of soda contribute to the onset of non-insulin dependent diabetes, or type 2 diabetes can.

Weight Gain
Consume more calories than your body burns during the weighing results. Nutritional value, as they provide a portion of 12 ounces of cola often "empty calories" called 140 calories, contains. A day for four weeks of drinking a can of cola calories are not burned 3920 extra calories, 1.1 pounds is equivalent to ingestion of an advantage. Calories provided by a person 160 pounds - cost analysis, a can of cola to burn calories 3.5 miles per hour is 27 minutes. These calories are not burned, more than 12 pounds in a year you can get. In addition, the sweet taste of soft drinks and other disturbing signals hunger cravings for food can promote sugar.

Calcium Depletion

Calcium is a mineral essential for strong bones and teeth. Eating large amounts of phosphoric acid, soda, a common ingredient, your bones absorb calcium and calcium can reduce low. In women, low bone development bone or osteoporosis brittle and weak and is characterized by a condition that can lead.

Weight Loss With Water

How To Weight Loss With Water.
Drinking water is one of the simplest efforts you can in your weight loss or weight maintenance plan integration. Remember: as opposed to eating delicious pastries that go at work or to kickboxing class once or twice , so you are sure to drink enough water during the week to say no Requires little to no willpower.

There are no excuses for not getting enough water to drink , and if you have trouble , a way to get your recommended eight glasses a day fit into your schedule , there is a simple solution . Let's talk more about how drinking water helps in weight loss .

Drinking water fills

Did you know that if you often hungry , you're really just thirsty ? Our minds tend to confuse hunger and thirst. If you find yourself at odd times of the day hungry, reach for a cup of water before grabbing food. If you are really hungry, you can still get a bite to eat afterwards. Purpose let's say your feelings of hunger away have Effective drink That cup of water. They have become the snack calories have just stored by your body Can not really need , not to eat!

Water is great because it fills us and keeps us from overeating . Many recommend diet and fitness books , drinking a glass of water before social events, such as sporting events and cocktail party , because otherwise you will be overeating unhealthy snacks unlimited probably there to prevent . In gasoline , drinking water to buy time - time for assessment , how hungry you are and to make better food choices . So the next time you about in a place where plenty of unhealthy foods available are Will give Be, chug some water first.

Drinking Water Revs Up Your Metabolism

Dehydration is your body's enemy. It slows body functions and metabolism. In fact, to slow down the metabolism Will holding power if you did not drink enough water as your organs can not function as Will and efficiently. Scientific seen drinking water - has proven itself to be on your body's ability to burn calories join. Your body needs a sufficient amount of water to function properly , especially falls on exercise , dehydration and prohibits the burning of fat.

Drinking ice cold water first thing in the morning is an easy way to speed up your metabolism. Right when you wake up , drink a glass or two of cold water. Your body is used to heat the water in your system , all that means clustering increasing your metabolism in the process. It is a simple step to add into your daily routine that , while not a panacea , can certainly on your other weight loss efforts join.

Drinking water keeps you healthy

Water flushes toxins out of your body system , including the production fall on exercise. It helps in keeping your seals lubricated - Very Important for Both daily and functions in the body preventing injuries from falls on exercise . In short, drinking water is vital to your weight loss efforts Including other . If you work out regularly , drinking adequate amount of water year is extremely important.

Whether you are just embarking on your weight loss or - schema - steadily on the rise for some time , sour make you drink enough water for your body to function properly.

Health for Kid and Moms

Good childcare is a must for any working mother , but if you are worried about your child in daycare, take care . And to you - A well-run , quality child care program can provide you with reliable child care you need, and also good for the health of your child .

Read on for six health benefits of the center.

1. Emotional problems less

Childcare whose mothers are depressed are less likely their own emotional problems , separation anxiety and social withdrawal symptoms than those who are with their mothers or caregivers individual who , according to a recent study in the journal JAMA psychiatry.

2. Opportunity to grow

A child care program quality can spell success for the future - especially where the teachers know how to deal with behavioral problems and where the children be given ample opportunity to do for learning and socialization, stimulation and affection. "If all these things are present, bodes good for the children," said Dr. Hayley Hirschmann , a clinical psychologist Morris Psychological Group in Parsippany, NJ Because children are used to a schedule and routine , the transition will be easier when school starts , Hirschmann said.

3. Fewer colds later

According to a study in the journal JAMA published Pediatrics , children who were in large groups Daycare 2 ½ years ago , had more respiratory infections and ear , but they were less sick to Primary children who were treated at home school.

4. A larger brain

Studies show that children who are in day care early higher intellectual skills, especially because they observe opportunities to play and have socialization in parallel , according to Dr. Francine Lederer, a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles , California

5. better behavior

One of the biggest advantages of daycare is the socialization because children need to learn to share , problem solving and teamwork. And one with teachers who have extensive experience of curriculum is well managed , the children learn to use their voices to resolve conflicts , Lederer said.

6. Less stress for mom

Stay at home moms are more sad , to be angry , and be diagnosed with depression than working moms , according to a Gallup poll . " A happy mother equal a happy baby ," Lederer said. For some mothers , work is not an option, but could be if you think you will be more quiet, back to work happy mom , so no matter a good option

How to Weight Loose in Easy Way

1. Indulge in fat releasing foods. 
They feel deprived and binging on higher -calorie foods should help to keep . Example :

Honey . Only 64 calories in a tablespoon of fat . Pour over fruit .
Eggs . Fat , full of protein , a boiled egg is only 70 calories are released. For an even more elegant treat , chives , sprinkle with .
Partially skim cheese . 39 calories per ounce , fat , food rich in calcium release . A bowl of fresh fruit for dessert spoon .
Dark chocolate . Square about 168 calories per ounce , but it's fat , is packed with fiber release .
Shrimp . Only 60 calories in 12 large .

2 . Treatment of high-calorie foods as jewels in the crown .
A spoonful of ice cream the jewel and a bowl of fruit the crown . , Cup pairing each bite with a lot of chips with fresh salsa filling stocky , Jeff Novick, director of nutrition at the Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa in Florida shows . A little something with a lot of balance salads.

3 . After breakfast , make water your primary drink . 
At breakfast , go ahead and drink orange juice . But instead of juice or soda water item formatting for the rest of the day . Soft drinks using 245 extra calories per day for the average American . Nearly 90,000 calories a year - or 25 pounds! And research , despite the calories , sugary drinks, feeling of fullness in the way food is not animated shows .

4 . You go for a week with a palm laptop everywhere . 
Water that enters your lips on each piece . Approximately 15 percent less than that measured itself is not eating , than those who studied people with food diary .

5 . , Buy a pedometer to your belt clip , and aim for an extra 1,000 steps a day . 
On average, sedentary people take steps to go one day from 2000 to 3000 .

6 . Accordingly adjust your eating habits , you eat daily calorie intake will be 10 % .
 Why do you guesstimate add another 170 calories you eat 1700 calories a day and you are not losing weight , I do not understand . Potential new number is more accurate are .

7 . Five or six small meals or snacks per day instead of eating three large meals .
He is a snack lunch to eat about 30 percent fewer calories consumed during a break of five hours in 1999 to study the South African men and ate part of his morning meal .

8 . Walk for 45 minutes a day . 
Perform consequences beyond 30 minutes .

9 . Find a weight loss buddy online
. University of Vermont and others universities friends online weight loss in a study that helps your weight . The researchers followed volunteers for 18 months .

10 . Bring the color blue into your life more often .
Decorated in blue , you will not see many fast food restaurants have a good reason : Believe it or not , the color blue functions as an appetite suppressant . If you eat blue plates , dress in blue table service , and cover your table with a blue tablecloth . In contrast , in the dining areas , red , yellow , orange and to avoid . The motivation for the study of food .

10 Ways To Improve Your Calcium In Your Bones.

Recent study , 85 percent of the population do not get enough calcium in their diet have shown that . Glass osteoporosis or bone disease can develop later in life is a condition that , if not - calcium build strong bones and teeth and prevent gum disease is a mineral that is essential for adequate calcium absorption is done . And , contrary to popular belief , it needs their input not only women and children is one of three people with osteoporosis is a man .

To get more calcium in your diet , here is how :

At least one glass of milk per day (three is enough for all your calcium intake ) is to try . If you do not like milk , a smoothie or milkshake or hot chocolate before bed, I try to hide the taste . marshmallows by adding your child's treatment .

1. Look for calcium- fortified brands - soy milk and orange juice often comes with calcium supplements . Just check the label . Around water , some brands are fortified .

2. A light , a yogurt or a candy , ice cream dessert , as a small part . Creative - cut up fruit yogurt , or comfort food for those moments that make rice cakes .

3. Your kitchen include foods that are rich in calcium . , For a stir fry a handful of sesame seeds add a lot of green leafy vegetables, use , and halibut and at least once a week to fish like mackerel try .

4. Eating cereal for breakfast instead of toast or pastries . Hazel nuts , almonds , walnuts or Brazil nuts add a handful can increase calcium levels .

5. Make cheese on toast for a quick evening snack - Worcestershire sauce or coat with yeast extract pep . Or for a simple evening meal , cheese or baked potato with cheese and some green salad .

6. vegies for the lunch pack salad , spinach , and broccoli lightly steamed or on the leaves for lunch , grab some sushi . Nori ( seaweed wrap) and fish are rich in calcium .

7. Some forms of calcium are absorbed less readily than others , and more for this type of food to get the same amount of calcium need to be eaten can . While the seeds are less easy vegies and milk products , are easy to absorb . Increase your intake of time . You do not eat or are allergic to dairy products , natural sources of calcium and calcium supplements have plenty of food .

8. Vitamin D to improve calcium absorption , so make sure you have an adequate supply of food has been shown to make . Vitamin D such as mackerel , cod liver oil or fish oil as a grain and is found in fortified milk products . A sunbake 15 minutes a day will produce enough vitamin D - but be sure to wear sunscreen !
Weight bearing exercise is also important for bone strength . Regular exercise increases bone density by their "hard work".

9.  Legs and feet bear the weight where any form of exercise is useful - try running , walking , hiking , dancing , or just on your way to work, get off the bus a few stops earlier .

10.  Alcohol , caffeine and cigarettes to reduce ! In addition to the discharge of calcium in our body strip - cut or at least help you to cope with the adverse effects of calcium intake is optimal . Nutrition coffee or soft drinks more than two drinks per day and no more than two cups of units that are recommended to consult . Three alcoholic drinks per day for men can .

Healthy Diet fou your Bones

Some of genetics , diet and how factors, including young people as their " bone bank " bone building has a lot of savings. Significantly reduced bone naturally does not affect the lucky ducks. But the body also faster than old bone is lost when you can not produce new bone , a small bone luck with those , osteoporosis , bones become fragile and brittle, resulting in allowing them to break more easily , I can put it. disease over 65 postmenopausal women aged over 70 years is most common in men .

1 . Know your family history. 
As with many medical conditions, family history is a key indicator of the health of the bone. Parent or sibling with osteoporosis or who are more likely to develop . " So how is your bone density, grandmother ? " Thanksgiving dinner may seem like a strange question, but he died before reaching it may request .

2 . Promote the consumption of calcium. 
Most people think that the bones , it seems calcium. This mineral is essential for the proper development of teeth and bones. ( Not to mention the muscle function , nerve signaling, hormone secretion, and blood pressure is a big help . )
But at the end of calcium , bone loss does not heal at all. Just add the diet of calcium alone ( a very large effect on bone density that is rich in vitamin D has been shown in some studies with postmenopausal women, foods rich in calcium absorption of calcium by the same coupling it might help if follow-up studies ) have suggested otherwise .
Foods that are good sources of calcium yogurt , cheese, milk , spinach and kale are included. A fan of dairy products? See our list of non-dairy sources of calcium.

3 . The two work together to help the body absorb calcium in bone growth : 
be vitamin D , calcium , vitamin D do not forget that . Munching on crabs to promote the consumption of vitamin D, cereal and orange juice, sardines, eggs ( yolks ) and tuna, fortified foods or vitamin D supplement chooses . Greatist expert Eugene Babenko your vitamins ( especially vitamin D3) to your next doctor appointment to check in the salons , and the use of supplements with your doctor to talk about it.
The body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight - displaying 10 to 15 minutes three times a week will be. The importance of vitamin D for bone health , " the seasonal bone loss " has been proven in studies - the elderly due to lack of exposure to sunlight during the winter can lose more bone mass Those . these and many other studies of bone loss , especially in the elderly have seen so little bone health for storing DVD should catch some rays , it's all about prevention

4 . Bone density with vitamin K. 
Vitamin K promotes clotting especially known to help with , but also the body for healthy bones blood, helps make proteins. However, the right path is not the health of the vitamin helps clear to the bone. While others have found the opposite , a vitamin K showed that bone remodeling slow, but it had no effect on bone mineral density : the girls have different effects on the two studies have shown that vitamin .
Another specific study of calcium absorption in rats the effects of vitamin D in relation to Kashmir, and the two vitamins work well in teams is : the intestinal absorption of calcium induced vitamin D , vitamin reduce the amount of calcium excreted by the body.
Regardless of how vitamins can help , black, broccoli, Swiss chard and spinach filling with food.

5 . Potassium pump .
Potassium is known to support bone health is not important : it helps nerves and muscles communicate and is also a mineral that helps cells to remove waste. But that remove calcium from the body potassium can neutralize acid shows .
Before and postmenopausal women in the study, a diet rich in potassium can improve bone health showed . In addition, premenopausal women studied involving high potassium intake , low potassium intake between women and those with bone density showed a difference of 8 %.
Sweet potatoes, white potatoes ( with skin) , the consumption of foods such as yogurt and banana download potassium.

6 . Use a priority. 
Seriously . Regular exercise , a number of health problems in the Gulf is the key to maintaining healthy bones and is no exception . In addition, a sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for osteoporosis. With different weight and activity level, a study comparing bone density in women college level , the positive effect on bone density may be players with low body weight has more than one study group showed bone density ( and lower body weight) was .
What type of exercise is most effective ? Running, walking, rope , skiing and climbing stairs, weight-bearing exercises , such as jumping to keep bones strong . Resistance training in several studies to improve bone health , go for a walk after the weight has been shown to take. Bonus for older readers : improved strength and balance in people who already have osteoporosis , falls (and associated fractures) helps prevent .

7 . Consume less caffeine 
 Caffeine, but unfortunately for our bones , some have health benefits . The body's ability to absorb too much calcium can interfere with . Subjects who did not consume enough calcium every day to accelerate bone loss showed that drinking two cups of coffee . ( Although older women) A study of more than 18 ounces of coffee per day , negative interaction with vitamin D stimulates bone loss then JavaScript enjoy , but in moderation and can consume enough calcium shown .

8 . Fresh wine 
 But as caffeine, it is not necessary to leave completely. ( It's my job to interfere with vitamin D because of) the consumption of alcohol can lead to bone loss , moderate drinking ( one drink per day for women, two for men per day) right - and, in fact , recent studies show it can help slow bone loss. Up down !

9 . Quit smoking
 Here cigarettes waste another cause: a more effective bone mass reduction studies of smoking can prevent the body from absorbing calcium that has been shown .

10 . Do not be an astronaut.
 A childhood dream to kill, but because those hours and hours of weightlessness and diet low in calcium , vacuum often not suffered from osteoporosis induced by space. Looks like some kind of terrible place , but certainly not the bones are space mission astronauts per month 2% of their bone mass can be as low as 1%! Just for those who must travel to the moon, is a possible solution : two studies of the construction of astronauts lost bone vitamins may help to know that - more than calcium and vitamin D.

Healthy Diet For Our Eyes

Mostly people in Our World are macular degeneration , and more than 80 years nearly half of all Americans have cataracts .
From a nutritional point of view , by the National Eye Institute conducted a research project on a large scale to help protect our eyes some nutrients have been proven . To prevent macular degeneration , most importantly, food antioxidants beta - carotene , vitamin C , vitamin E , lutein and zeaxanthin are the rich ... And omega - 3 and zinc .
This is an overview of my top 10 picks :

A. carrot
Mom was right ! Beta - carotene in carrots , macular degeneration and cataracts , helps reduce the risk of being loaded with antioxidants .
Carrots can be easily incorporated into salads and soups , and always with lunch or dinner can be a great side vegetable . Salsa , hummus , guacamole , peanut butter , low-calorie mixer - just about everything you can soak .

2 , 3 and 4 . Peppers , broccoli and Brussels sprouts
Provides a burst of vitamin C three B ! Vitamin C to protect the eyes in particular, has been shown to have an important antioxidant .
Steamed , added to soups and omelettes , grilled ... Or ( lightly throw in garlic and olive oil ) apasta Primavera combines all three .

5 . ostrich
In one of these recipes for your favorite beef , chicken , turkey , pork or lamb , red or white , including a delicious lean meats and healthy alternative . It absorbs your favorite spices and protein , iron and zinc are full - important for maintaining healthy eyes , one of the components .
Zinc is found in the retina and the enzymes responsible for supporting eye health executive . In people with macular degeneration , retinal level of zinc in zinc -rich foods to prevent and treat macular degeneration is a reasonable first step , is probably too low .
Ostriches Look for specialty stores or online .

6 . turkey
Turkey also has Zinc ( more cataracts , especially niacin, vitamin B protects against ) rich nothing more import , extremely flexible and Turkey instead of lean meat rich in fat amazing .
Turkey is delicious in salads , and you can easily burgers , chili and lean ground turkey for tacos can use , is a great sandwich stuffing .

7 . yam
Beta - carotene to prevent yet - the sweet , bright orange flesh with a potato special .
Dinner with the sweet potato is a super side starch , and cooked with a small amount of oil , make great fries . You can also prepare mashed sweet potatoes : cook , milk and a little salt and black pepper spread of low-fat margarine and season with a little , remove skin and mashed .

8. spinach
Spinach provides four components to protect your eyes ! Vitamin C , beta - carotene and lutein and zeaxanthin large number of ... Antioxidants present in high concentrations in tissues corresponding pairs are provided with gold points . The intensity of light blue 40-90 percent of absorb nutrients act like sunscreen for your eyes . The study of lutein and zeaxanthin in the macular pigment density eat foods has been proven has increased - and more pigment density , better protection of the retina , which means reducing the risk of degenerative macula .
Through a clear vegetable with dinner . This salad is an ideal base for any type , and an omelet is great overlooked . ( Use the carrot and pepper sticks for dipping bonus ! ) Low cal spinach artichoke I try

Healthy Food For Our Brain

As we age chronologically with us , our bodies age, it can not be denied . But the research in your daily eating regimen "smart " foods are included so you maintain a healthy mind and in his old age can increase your chances of shows that .

 Proven to Change Your Life Fourteen Foods , calls these tasty fruits : "Brainberries" The Steven Pratt , MD , author of SuperFoods RX . La Jolla , California, Scripps Memorial Hospital , which is also on staff at Pratt , in animal studies , researchers blueberries help protect the brain from oxidative stress and may reduce the effects of conditions associated with the detected According to the Alzheimer's disease or dementia , such as age . Study mice a diet rich in significantly mentally equal to their learning capacity and motor skills of aging rats, blueberries have shown that the better . Ann Kulze, MD , author of 10 Steps , Dr N. feeding : recommended permanent weight loss and lifelong vitality a simple plan , in any form , blueberries add 1 cup a day - Fresh , frozen or lyophilized.

Wild salmon
 Deep- water fish like salmon , which are essential for brain function, omega- 3 essential fatty acids , are rich in , Kulze said . He and Pratt his " cleansing" of wild salmon and that has a lot to recommend . Omega- 3 also contains anti-inflammatory substances . Provide the benefits of omega- 3s that are herring, sardines and other oily fish , Kulze a 4 -ounce serving , two or three times a week is recommended , says .

Nuts and seeds
 Nuts and seeds are good sources of vitamin E , Pratt high levels of vitamin E reduced cognitive decline with age, as explained , he said . One ounce of walnuts , hazel nuts , Brazil nuts, hazel nuts , almonds , cashews , peanuts , sunflower seeds , sesame seeds , flax seeds and walnuts , as well as non- hydrogenated peanut butter and cream , a Add days , almond butter and sesame paste. Is raw or roasted , but you are on a low salt diet , do not buy unsalted nuts .

 Lawyers in promoting brain health almost as good as blueberries , Pratt said . "I do not think lawyers are due ," Kulze agree . The avocado is a fatty fruit that's true , but Kulze said , which contributes to healthy blood flow , a monounsaturated fat , that is. "And healthy blood flow means a healthy mind , " he said . Blood pressure less than lawyers , Pratt said , and impaired cognitive abilities for hypertension , blood pressure should promote brain health is a risk factor . avocados are rich in calories , but Kulze as a garnish to a meal a day with only a quarter and half of an avocado , adding that suggests .

Whole grains 
 Thus, oats , whole grain breads and brown rice as whole grains , may reduce the risk of heart disease . " Every organ in the body depends on blood flow , " says Pratt . "You are doing to promote cardiovascular health , including your mind , body systems are to promote good circulation . Because fiber , vitamin E and omega- 3 fatty acids plus super food objects "Kulze" wheat germ technically a grain , but is not on the list " . Kulze 1/ 2 cup whole-grain cereals suggests , 1 slice of bread a day and sometimes you have two of wheat germ per day , or two tablespoons