Healthy Food For Our Brain

As we age chronologically with us , our bodies age, it can not be denied . But the research in your daily eating regimen "smart " foods are included so you maintain a healthy mind and in his old age can increase your chances of shows that .

 Proven to Change Your Life Fourteen Foods , calls these tasty fruits : "Brainberries" The Steven Pratt , MD , author of SuperFoods RX . La Jolla , California, Scripps Memorial Hospital , which is also on staff at Pratt , in animal studies , researchers blueberries help protect the brain from oxidative stress and may reduce the effects of conditions associated with the detected According to the Alzheimer's disease or dementia , such as age . Study mice a diet rich in significantly mentally equal to their learning capacity and motor skills of aging rats, blueberries have shown that the better . Ann Kulze, MD , author of 10 Steps , Dr N. feeding : recommended permanent weight loss and lifelong vitality a simple plan , in any form , blueberries add 1 cup a day - Fresh , frozen or lyophilized.

Wild salmon
 Deep- water fish like salmon , which are essential for brain function, omega- 3 essential fatty acids , are rich in , Kulze said . He and Pratt his " cleansing" of wild salmon and that has a lot to recommend . Omega- 3 also contains anti-inflammatory substances . Provide the benefits of omega- 3s that are herring, sardines and other oily fish , Kulze a 4 -ounce serving , two or three times a week is recommended , says .

Nuts and seeds
 Nuts and seeds are good sources of vitamin E , Pratt high levels of vitamin E reduced cognitive decline with age, as explained , he said . One ounce of walnuts , hazel nuts , Brazil nuts, hazel nuts , almonds , cashews , peanuts , sunflower seeds , sesame seeds , flax seeds and walnuts , as well as non- hydrogenated peanut butter and cream , a Add days , almond butter and sesame paste. Is raw or roasted , but you are on a low salt diet , do not buy unsalted nuts .

 Lawyers in promoting brain health almost as good as blueberries , Pratt said . "I do not think lawyers are due ," Kulze agree . The avocado is a fatty fruit that's true , but Kulze said , which contributes to healthy blood flow , a monounsaturated fat , that is. "And healthy blood flow means a healthy mind , " he said . Blood pressure less than lawyers , Pratt said , and impaired cognitive abilities for hypertension , blood pressure should promote brain health is a risk factor . avocados are rich in calories , but Kulze as a garnish to a meal a day with only a quarter and half of an avocado , adding that suggests .

Whole grains 
 Thus, oats , whole grain breads and brown rice as whole grains , may reduce the risk of heart disease . " Every organ in the body depends on blood flow , " says Pratt . "You are doing to promote cardiovascular health , including your mind , body systems are to promote good circulation . Because fiber , vitamin E and omega- 3 fatty acids plus super food objects "Kulze" wheat germ technically a grain , but is not on the list " . Kulze 1/ 2 cup whole-grain cereals suggests , 1 slice of bread a day and sometimes you have two of wheat germ per day , or two tablespoons

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