10 Top Advantages of Eating Vegetables

Green time from the early centuries of our culture and the " Society" has been part of . Those leafy vegetables miraculous powers believed that in the early days . Green people quickly and super energy has been used in the treatment of many diseases . But nowadays , people forget our own green and moved by artificial means . They lose weight or to build their bones , to get rid of their diseases take a lot of medicines and capsules . Therefore , because of the many side effects of the drug are exposed . Here, we miracle green ( health and healing with zero side effects ) nature of reminding our readers and talk about the science involved . Here's the top 10 health benefits of eating green vegetables.

10 Top Advantages of Eating Vegetables:

1. Clearer Skin
Green vegetables, and finally clear our skin is glowing. They eliminate toxins and our skin "flower" help to make. Leafy vegetables has always been a beautician on the list. They also completed a checklist actress beauty secret. These foods are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. Enhance the skin's natural glow and help us get rid of skin dullness help. Such as spinach, chard and arugula vegetables contain all the necessary elements to help and we look "good."

2. Mental Clarity and Focus
Green vegetables fresh in our minds and help to improve our knowledge. Improve our monitoring to help reduce anxiety and panic. Intake of green vegetables for the individual's ability to enjoy life improves, creating a balance between life activities and helps the individual to realize their potential ensures its capabilities Excellent work and an organization / community contributes to success. Vitamin C, vitamin B and magnesium that helps improve concentration discharge. Thus these elements romaine lettuce, broccoli and cabbage as are found in green vegetables.

3. Easy Digestibility
Green vegetables are rich in fibers. Fiber ensures that our intestines are a smooth transition from food, keeps our intestines in good "working" condition and provides good health. Green vegetables are rich in iron and help carry oxygen to all parts of the body and maintain a good level of hemoglobin in the blood. Transport of oxygen throughout the body facilitates the efficient digestion. The intake of leafy vegetables prevents inflammation of the digestive organs and also prevents constipation. Crohn's disease can be completely eliminated with the addition of "leaf". Taking Bok Choy, cabbage, chard, collards, kale, lettuce and spinach is essential. We must ensure that at least one of our classic meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) includes greens on a regular basis.

4. Increased Energy
Leafy vegetables without affecting the digestive system, vitamins , nutrients and carbohydrates provide a power increase . Our bodies all those "essential substance" since it is a safe and accurate , there is no problem at all . The absorption of carbohydrates and fully and effectively used by our body . To complete the whole process of the body and its currency is called the body of Adenosine ( ATP ) Triphosphate is very important . Good amounts of magnesium by the body to synthesize ATP is required . Magnesium beet greens , green and leafy vegetables like spinach are found in . If "green" food , that we will always be fresh and energetic , get our stuff , feel happy and enjoy our day .

5. Natural Weight Loss
Leafy vegetables help reduce cravings for junk food . Junk food to gain weight is the main culprit for our generation . Many people are overweight and various heart problems and therefore are aware of the disease . Leafy vegetables should be a good amount of vitamins , minerals , carbonate and fiber of our body provides . This gives us the right to nutrition and we safely and effectively , helps to lose weight quickly . These people today to lose weight try to follow the " famine " over. Such Chard, Mustard Greens , Turnip Greens, Collard and vegetables weight loss facility that contains all the elements . Take in foods in the right amounts still value a healthy BMI ( Body Mass Index) helps maintain .

6. Protect your Heart
Folic acid is the name of the substance that protects our heart. It protects us against various cardiovascular diseases and reduces the risk of heart attacks. Romaine lettuce, green vegetable contains all the elements that protect our heart. It provides the necessary amounts of fiber and folate in the body. The potassium and various other antioxidant substances which are present in green vegetables to reduce the likelihood of heart disease. Heart health is improved and ultimately leads to greater longevity. All green vegetables contain these "substances heart." Leafy vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek leaves and coriander leaves should be taken in good quantities.

7. Prevent Cancer
Cancer cells divide uncontrollably distribution and time again that the cause is a disease . Uncontrollable division tumors and tumors affecting these parts of the body gives rise to . The tumor tissue of tumor cells to nurture the growth of new blood vessels to normal impulses / send signals . Consumption of these signals and blocks the green vegetables prevents cancer . Such as cabbage, mustard greens and vegetables helps to disrupt tumor signal that contain a substance called isothiocyanate ethyl Phen . Carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) act as antioxidants , and they harm our body from harmful free radicals murder. Carotenoids are found in dark leafy green vegetables and thus breast cancer , lung cancer , skin cancer and stomach cancer, as are responsible for the prevention of various cancers . Mouth , throat and larynx also related cancers can be avoided .

8. Pump up your muscles
Research green leafy vegetables (especially spinach ) muscles has demonstrated a unique ability to build . These vegetables in a short time using less oxygen to the muscles which help to climb consists of inorganic nitrate . Mitochondria, the power house of the body works better with the intake of leafy vegetables as it is called . The conversion of vegetable protein in muscle mass accelerates . Out of nitrates , calcium and iron in these vegetables also contain muscles that are responsible for the development . Spinach / leafy vegetables Revelation muscles responsible for chemical extracted from the original " heroes " are . However , " the six pack and muscles " people who want to take in large quantities in vegetables . A daily intake of 1 kg of spinach strengthen the muscles in the short term .

9. Sharpen your eyesight
All dark green leafy vegetables contain vitamin A in the right quantity . In addition to vitamin A , they contain lutein and zeaxanthin . These " elements" We allow everyone to see . When we move from light to dark , our eyes are feeling the pressure and difficulties . With vitamins , we have our eyes move from darkness to light or vice versa, when I try to adapt easily . High power light comes on when I sometimes our eyes can feel tired . High energy light cause eye damage and eye (light high point energy can not be avoided ) must be protected from such damage . Safely reach our eyes and keep our eyes lutein and Zeaxanthin filter light from high energy. In addition to leaf vegetables reduce the risk of cataracts and chronic diseases of the eye turns . Age-related degeneration, vision may be too late . lutein and zeaxanthin intake of 10mg/day and green is good amounts are taken to be satisfied with this case . Black , spinach , peas , turnips and broccoli are rich in these elements and give us healthy and sharp eyes .

10. Build your bones
In a recent clinical study, people who have low vitamin than vitamin overdose are more prone to fractures than those who have shown that , on average, every existence , prevent , reduce the risk of fractures and bone to prevent loss of 120 micrograms per day of vitamin is required . 45 mg of vitamin A as a treatment for osteoporosis patients is injected . Vitamin K in a short period of time helps build new bone . It also strengthens bones and is used to give good shape . The bone mineral density helps maintain a good level . What is the main source of vitamins ? Yes, it is green vegetables . Spinach , radicchio and watercress required amount of vitamins in our body , and we help build strong bones, like the salad leaves. Strong bones help build a strong and healthy body . Leafy vegetables, more calcium (used for building bones ) that milk and zero cholesterol / fat ratio .

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