Disadvantages Of Softdrinks.

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, more than 90 billion gallons of soda consumed each year. Carbonation generally soda, sugar or fructose, phosphoric acid, sodium and contain additional calories. Unfortunately, soft drinks, water and other fluids often healthy alternative. Dehydration consume soda, high sugar intake, weight reduction, including loss of calcium, yields

Sixty percent of your body weight is water. You lose water when you sweat, urine and breathing. To keep the body functioning properly, you need to replace lost fluids with water. Sodas are often used in place of water or other hydrating fluids are. Many sodas increased urination and less available to perform vital functions of liquid exiting the body which acts as a diuretic caffeine contains. Moreover, some soft diet and water from the cells can promote dehydration beverages, which contain significant amounts of sodium.

High taking Suger Content.
Many soft drinks contain high levels of sugar. 12 oz serving of cola, for example, sugar, 39 grams, or 3.3 tablespoons included. Consuming large amounts of sugar in your glucose level in the blood raises your risk of cardiovascular disease may increase. Furthermore, many soft drinks through their base containing sugar syrup or high fructose corn HFCS. Pressure levels HFCS pancreas and blood sugar levels can be stabilized. Every day the sugar consumption of soda contribute to the onset of non-insulin dependent diabetes, or type 2 diabetes can.

Weight Gain
Consume more calories than your body burns during the weighing results. Nutritional value, as they provide a portion of 12 ounces of cola often "empty calories" called 140 calories, contains. A day for four weeks of drinking a can of cola calories are not burned 3920 extra calories, 1.1 pounds is equivalent to ingestion of an advantage. Calories provided by a person 160 pounds MayoClinic.com - cost analysis, a can of cola to burn calories 3.5 miles per hour is 27 minutes. These calories are not burned, more than 12 pounds in a year you can get. In addition, the sweet taste of soft drinks and other disturbing signals hunger cravings for food can promote sugar.

Calcium Depletion

Calcium is a mineral essential for strong bones and teeth. Eating large amounts of phosphoric acid, soda, a common ingredient, your bones absorb calcium and calcium can reduce low. In women, low bone development bone or osteoporosis brittle and weak and is characterized by a condition that can lead.

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