Bad Effect of Cell Phones for Kids

Important step in technology affect our lives and the new trends among children is a growing demand for the gadget. In demand for mobile phones is also very common and many parents wonder. If you still are not sure about it, so your kids cell phone is required to analyze the advantages and disadvantages. This message kids need cell phones or explains in detail about.

Advantages of Cell Phones for Kids

Mobile phones are a number of benefits for children . First, the phone connects to children and their parents . There are only a call away from parents to their children . Child's return home is something stuck in traffic , so he can tell his parents . In this office who spend most of their time working is more important than for the pair . GPS Phone with kids these days are also available . Another benefit of mobile phones such as calendars and children to follow their activities that allow features such as reminders . They also plan their time to develop the habit of getting up early alarm function can use . Finally , their mobile phones at home have proved beneficial for sick children . Their children to school with the help of their mobile can be in touch with their families

Bad Effect of Cell Phones for Kids

There are various disadvantages of mobile phones for children. First, call the kids and do not care much about the tariff rate. As such, they can spend a lot of money on mobile. At a young age children to control and may result in additional costs for parents is difficult. Children to a demerit to mobile phones, the mobile can break. The risk of rupture is higher than in adults. Musical fun for small children to call a large loss or abusing others can use it as evil.

10 Bad Effect of Cell Phones are given below:

1. Distraction for the group:
A phone ringing, or text or send Ringing tones "booster" class that disrupt all the annoying sounds. Kids are going to school and cell phones, that no matter how things "work" here? They forgot to mute their phones, be, and then is engaged.

2. Distraction for the individual:
So, for example, the mobile phone is turned off or set, the "only vibrate." The rest of the class can not be bothered with the phone, but the person holding the phone certainly will be. Whenever a message arrives or the phone vibrates, we have a lesson to offer first reaction listening to a teacher, including the stop, and the answer is to call or visit the text. Learning by allowing this type of disaster can be impeded.

3.  Reduction in Learning:
Mobile phone use may be limited in a school, even if, during lunch and study hall time, for example, would still expect a call or text to an environment 's. Students from mobile phone calls and messages during periods focus on their students or their teacher about homework for the day.

4. Disrespectful:
These meals or between classes are also times when texting or talking on a cell phone is rude to spend. Students must develop relationships face to face, and to discuss their mobile phone spend most of their time in school, so he's learning how to establish the relations are not.

5. Cheating:
Students cell phones to cheat on tests and assignments that provide a new way. Sitting in a classroom with other students can post responses. I am a student in a class of their phone / camera and for greater opportunities to cheat a friend in the afternoon class with the text can take a picture of the test questions. A better policy does not allow cell phones in schools.

6. Theft:
Cell phones, attractive, download Full and expensive technology. Everyone wants the latest model. Students in the school to allow mobile phones to schools saw a significant increase in the number of complaints of theft. To prevent theft of their home or drop them into a locked car is best.

7. Loss: 
The student has a lot to do multitasking and have a cell phone to school is one more thing. It can be expensive to replace the mobile phone lost, misplaced or forgotten.

8. Breakage: 
School cell phones are not the safest places. He urged students in the safe books and bag, jerk. Things fall to the ground. This is a mobile device which could be damaged an environment. The cost of buying a mobile phone, it is best to leave out of school.

9. Invasion of privacy:
Many models of mobile phones come with cameras. For example, in the locker room taking pictures of other students, and to incite harassment or bullying for students to use their images sometimes unscrupulous.

10. Fueling the rumor mill:
Old game "telephone", a message to all, whispering in the ear of the next child passes the message, and what is whispered in the ear of a child, students heard the message. The last person I heard them as he began his final story that gives very little similarity to find their dismay, gets up and repeats the message to the rest of the class . "Telephone" Today's game messaging and more students can spread rapidly, setting off rumors and often is unnecessary and unfounded fears.

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