Facts about Fast Food.

Fast-food product because of a variety of health problems often rumored. High in sugar or fat, artificial ingredients that on a regular basis are not to be used. Regular consumption of these components, heart disease, diabetes and cancer can cause health problems. Be aware of the effects of fast food you already have heart or digestive problems, especially if your diet to be sure that it is necessary to determine.

Facts about Fast Food.

1. More calories
Survey of 300 extra calories snacking people than they would normally consume is estimated that the. Most in the culture of snacking food consumption in the U.S. only 43 per cent of waste by providing the McDonalds.

2. Addicting ingredient
Extra sugar and food coloring is put in fast food to make it more attractive, especially for young viewers. Many believe that these addictive ingredients contribute to the growing obesity epidemic.

3. Soaring obesity
During the last twenty years, the number of obese children has doubled and the number of overweight adolescents has tripled. In 2004, aged 6-18 years, an estimated nine million children are obese. An impressive 65 percent of American adults are overweight. That about 60 million adults and 9 million morbidly obese 127 million overweight adults considered obese, or more than 100 pounds overweight include.

Disadvantages of Fast Food

Fast food often soy, salt, cheese or filled with ingredients such as mayonnaise and often adding extra nutrition without adds a lot of extra calories, which is fried. Given the large amount of calories, the calories you take in. For example, to burn will take a significant amount of exercise, a large Coke, fries and Big take seven hours of exercise to burn calories will the Mac McDonald. Consuming high levels of calories without burning it can lead to additional health problems.

1. Obesity
Fast food high in sugar and fat can lead to an increased risk of obesity. The living near fast food restaurants are much more likely to be obese, have shown that. Oil and fast food preservatives used to keep cooking, try your activity level even if your body, which makes it difficult to shed excess calories, fat to shed hard 's.

2. Liver damage
It is not discussed as often, liver damage associated with the consumption of fast food is a major threat. Trans-fat junk food often, for long periods of time before consumption can sit prefabricated foods is used as a stabilizer is loaded with artificial fats. Your body to eliminate fat from your system works, it accumulates in the liver and can cause damage. This is due to the regular consumption of alcohol is similar to that damage. If it is not held in check, it can lead to liver failure.

3. Cardiovascular diseases
Fast food is high in sodium and cholesterol, regular consumption can cause damage to the cardiovascular system. Cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack or stroke, can clog arteries. Sodium chips, sodas or fortified meat products at high levels increase the risk of heart attack or stroke may increase your blood pressure will. Your cardiovascular system is compromised, it will allow you to maintain health that physical activity may be difficult to perform.

4. Impact on the environment
In addition to the clinical effects of fast food , junk food production and sales have a significant adverse effect on the environment . For fast food meat in the amount of resources required to carry a lack of resources creates . For example , a pound of ground meat we eat 2,500 gallons of water and 16 pounds of grain it takes to produce , livestock and grain to feed their need to raise the nation's nothing to say. Fast -food animal products, meat and animals to high often antibiotics are fed backward are caused by poor diet . Antibiotics and growth hormones that may result in adverse health effects , can be transferred to those who eat the meat . Some people fast food on a regular basis, damage to the immune system, growth or development of excess breast tissue is reported .

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