Healthy Diet fou your Bones

Some of genetics , diet and how factors, including young people as their " bone bank " bone building has a lot of savings. Significantly reduced bone naturally does not affect the lucky ducks. But the body also faster than old bone is lost when you can not produce new bone , a small bone luck with those , osteoporosis , bones become fragile and brittle, resulting in allowing them to break more easily , I can put it. disease over 65 postmenopausal women aged over 70 years is most common in men .

1 . Know your family history. 
As with many medical conditions, family history is a key indicator of the health of the bone. Parent or sibling with osteoporosis or who are more likely to develop . " So how is your bone density, grandmother ? " Thanksgiving dinner may seem like a strange question, but he died before reaching it may request .

2 . Promote the consumption of calcium. 
Most people think that the bones , it seems calcium. This mineral is essential for the proper development of teeth and bones. ( Not to mention the muscle function , nerve signaling, hormone secretion, and blood pressure is a big help . )
But at the end of calcium , bone loss does not heal at all. Just add the diet of calcium alone ( a very large effect on bone density that is rich in vitamin D has been shown in some studies with postmenopausal women, foods rich in calcium absorption of calcium by the same coupling it might help if follow-up studies ) have suggested otherwise .
Foods that are good sources of calcium yogurt , cheese, milk , spinach and kale are included. A fan of dairy products? See our list of non-dairy sources of calcium.

3 . The two work together to help the body absorb calcium in bone growth : 
be vitamin D , calcium , vitamin D do not forget that . Munching on crabs to promote the consumption of vitamin D, cereal and orange juice, sardines, eggs ( yolks ) and tuna, fortified foods or vitamin D supplement chooses . Greatist expert Eugene Babenko your vitamins ( especially vitamin D3) to your next doctor appointment to check in the salons , and the use of supplements with your doctor to talk about it.
The body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight - displaying 10 to 15 minutes three times a week will be. The importance of vitamin D for bone health , " the seasonal bone loss " has been proven in studies - the elderly due to lack of exposure to sunlight during the winter can lose more bone mass Those . these and many other studies of bone loss , especially in the elderly have seen so little bone health for storing DVD should catch some rays , it's all about prevention

4 . Bone density with vitamin K. 
Vitamin K promotes clotting especially known to help with , but also the body for healthy bones blood, helps make proteins. However, the right path is not the health of the vitamin helps clear to the bone. While others have found the opposite , a vitamin K showed that bone remodeling slow, but it had no effect on bone mineral density : the girls have different effects on the two studies have shown that vitamin .
Another specific study of calcium absorption in rats the effects of vitamin D in relation to Kashmir, and the two vitamins work well in teams is : the intestinal absorption of calcium induced vitamin D , vitamin reduce the amount of calcium excreted by the body.
Regardless of how vitamins can help , black, broccoli, Swiss chard and spinach filling with food.

5 . Potassium pump .
Potassium is known to support bone health is not important : it helps nerves and muscles communicate and is also a mineral that helps cells to remove waste. But that remove calcium from the body potassium can neutralize acid shows .
Before and postmenopausal women in the study, a diet rich in potassium can improve bone health showed . In addition, premenopausal women studied involving high potassium intake , low potassium intake between women and those with bone density showed a difference of 8 %.
Sweet potatoes, white potatoes ( with skin) , the consumption of foods such as yogurt and banana download potassium.

6 . Use a priority. 
Seriously . Regular exercise , a number of health problems in the Gulf is the key to maintaining healthy bones and is no exception . In addition, a sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for osteoporosis. With different weight and activity level, a study comparing bone density in women college level , the positive effect on bone density may be players with low body weight has more than one study group showed bone density ( and lower body weight) was .
What type of exercise is most effective ? Running, walking, rope , skiing and climbing stairs, weight-bearing exercises , such as jumping to keep bones strong . Resistance training in several studies to improve bone health , go for a walk after the weight has been shown to take. Bonus for older readers : improved strength and balance in people who already have osteoporosis , falls (and associated fractures) helps prevent .

7 . Consume less caffeine 
 Caffeine, but unfortunately for our bones , some have health benefits . The body's ability to absorb too much calcium can interfere with . Subjects who did not consume enough calcium every day to accelerate bone loss showed that drinking two cups of coffee . ( Although older women) A study of more than 18 ounces of coffee per day , negative interaction with vitamin D stimulates bone loss then JavaScript enjoy , but in moderation and can consume enough calcium shown .

8 . Fresh wine 
 But as caffeine, it is not necessary to leave completely. ( It's my job to interfere with vitamin D because of) the consumption of alcohol can lead to bone loss , moderate drinking ( one drink per day for women, two for men per day) right - and, in fact , recent studies show it can help slow bone loss. Up down !

9 . Quit smoking
 Here cigarettes waste another cause: a more effective bone mass reduction studies of smoking can prevent the body from absorbing calcium that has been shown .

10 . Do not be an astronaut.
 A childhood dream to kill, but because those hours and hours of weightlessness and diet low in calcium , vacuum often not suffered from osteoporosis induced by space. Looks like some kind of terrible place , but certainly not the bones are space mission astronauts per month 2% of their bone mass can be as low as 1%! Just for those who must travel to the moon, is a possible solution : two studies of the construction of astronauts lost bone vitamins may help to know that - more than calcium and vitamin D.

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