10 Ways To Improve Your Calcium In Your Bones.

Recent study , 85 percent of the population do not get enough calcium in their diet have shown that . Glass osteoporosis or bone disease can develop later in life is a condition that , if not - calcium build strong bones and teeth and prevent gum disease is a mineral that is essential for adequate calcium absorption is done . And , contrary to popular belief , it needs their input not only women and children is one of three people with osteoporosis is a man .

To get more calcium in your diet , here is how :

At least one glass of milk per day (three is enough for all your calcium intake ) is to try . If you do not like milk , a smoothie or milkshake or hot chocolate before bed, I try to hide the taste . marshmallows by adding your child's treatment .

1. Look for calcium- fortified brands - soy milk and orange juice often comes with calcium supplements . Just check the label . Around water , some brands are fortified .

2. A light , a yogurt or a candy , ice cream dessert , as a small part . Creative - cut up fruit yogurt , or comfort food for those moments that make rice cakes .

3. Your kitchen include foods that are rich in calcium . , For a stir fry a handful of sesame seeds add a lot of green leafy vegetables, use , and halibut and at least once a week to fish like mackerel try .

4. Eating cereal for breakfast instead of toast or pastries . Hazel nuts , almonds , walnuts or Brazil nuts add a handful can increase calcium levels .

5. Make cheese on toast for a quick evening snack - Worcestershire sauce or coat with yeast extract pep . Or for a simple evening meal , cheese or baked potato with cheese and some green salad .

6. vegies for the lunch pack salad , spinach , and broccoli lightly steamed or on the leaves for lunch , grab some sushi . Nori ( seaweed wrap) and fish are rich in calcium .

7. Some forms of calcium are absorbed less readily than others , and more for this type of food to get the same amount of calcium need to be eaten can . While the seeds are less easy vegies and milk products , are easy to absorb . Increase your intake of time . You do not eat or are allergic to dairy products , natural sources of calcium and calcium supplements have plenty of food .

8. Vitamin D to improve calcium absorption , so make sure you have an adequate supply of food has been shown to make . Vitamin D such as mackerel , cod liver oil or fish oil as a grain and is found in fortified milk products . A sunbake 15 minutes a day will produce enough vitamin D - but be sure to wear sunscreen !
Weight bearing exercise is also important for bone strength . Regular exercise increases bone density by their "hard work".

9.  Legs and feet bear the weight where any form of exercise is useful - try running , walking , hiking , dancing , or just on your way to work, get off the bus a few stops earlier .

10.  Alcohol , caffeine and cigarettes to reduce ! In addition to the discharge of calcium in our body strip - cut or at least help you to cope with the adverse effects of calcium intake is optimal . Nutrition coffee or soft drinks more than two drinks per day and no more than two cups of units that are recommended to consult . Three alcoholic drinks per day for men can .

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