Healthy Diet For Our Eyes

Mostly people in Our World are macular degeneration , and more than 80 years nearly half of all Americans have cataracts .
From a nutritional point of view , by the National Eye Institute conducted a research project on a large scale to help protect our eyes some nutrients have been proven . To prevent macular degeneration , most importantly, food antioxidants beta - carotene , vitamin C , vitamin E , lutein and zeaxanthin are the rich ... And omega - 3 and zinc .
This is an overview of my top 10 picks :

A. carrot
Mom was right ! Beta - carotene in carrots , macular degeneration and cataracts , helps reduce the risk of being loaded with antioxidants .
Carrots can be easily incorporated into salads and soups , and always with lunch or dinner can be a great side vegetable . Salsa , hummus , guacamole , peanut butter , low-calorie mixer - just about everything you can soak .

2 , 3 and 4 . Peppers , broccoli and Brussels sprouts
Provides a burst of vitamin C three B ! Vitamin C to protect the eyes in particular, has been shown to have an important antioxidant .
Steamed , added to soups and omelettes , grilled ... Or ( lightly throw in garlic and olive oil ) apasta Primavera combines all three .

5 . ostrich
In one of these recipes for your favorite beef , chicken , turkey , pork or lamb , red or white , including a delicious lean meats and healthy alternative . It absorbs your favorite spices and protein , iron and zinc are full - important for maintaining healthy eyes , one of the components .
Zinc is found in the retina and the enzymes responsible for supporting eye health executive . In people with macular degeneration , retinal level of zinc in zinc -rich foods to prevent and treat macular degeneration is a reasonable first step , is probably too low .
Ostriches Look for specialty stores or online .

6 . turkey
Turkey also has Zinc ( more cataracts , especially niacin, vitamin B protects against ) rich nothing more import , extremely flexible and Turkey instead of lean meat rich in fat amazing .
Turkey is delicious in salads , and you can easily burgers , chili and lean ground turkey for tacos can use , is a great sandwich stuffing .

7 . yam
Beta - carotene to prevent yet - the sweet , bright orange flesh with a potato special .
Dinner with the sweet potato is a super side starch , and cooked with a small amount of oil , make great fries . You can also prepare mashed sweet potatoes : cook , milk and a little salt and black pepper spread of low-fat margarine and season with a little , remove skin and mashed .

8. spinach
Spinach provides four components to protect your eyes ! Vitamin C , beta - carotene and lutein and zeaxanthin large number of ... Antioxidants present in high concentrations in tissues corresponding pairs are provided with gold points . The intensity of light blue 40-90 percent of absorb nutrients act like sunscreen for your eyes . The study of lutein and zeaxanthin in the macular pigment density eat foods has been proven has increased - and more pigment density , better protection of the retina , which means reducing the risk of degenerative macula .
Through a clear vegetable with dinner . This salad is an ideal base for any type , and an omelet is great overlooked . ( Use the carrot and pepper sticks for dipping bonus ! ) Low cal spinach artichoke I try