Bad Effect of Smoking

1. Coughing:
The smokers cough. Try your body get rid of toxins you inhale while smoking as a way to use it as being a smoker after a predetermined time, you smoking people will begin to experience a cough.

2. Yellow Teeth: 
Many smokers have a very bright white smile that was almost yellow to stop, or smiling to hide their teeth when they smile, the feeling when.

3. Trouble With BloodCcirculation: 
Wash your breath and with it a period of time after their bloody therefore is in your blood, as before, your body, your blood flowing freely will not clog your arteries begin. The heart (hands and feet) ARES reduce the blood flow will be the first, and you begin to experience cold hands and feet will be.

4. Lessened Glowing Of Your Skin: 
Healthy skin has a natural glow, but with clogged arteries, blood flow gradually your skin look like gray and paler than making use decreased.

5. Ugly Yellow Fingertips: 
Several times a day finger is in contact with your skin, smoke, gradually, you see the ugly yellow fingers, toes, hands holding cigarettes will do.

6. Lessened Ability To Smell The Lovely Flowers: 
Well maybe you do not have to smell the flowers, but a negative effect of smoking and soon after a smoker, you have the ability to taste and feel very bad that deep before. The good news, however, he came back after leaving fast enough.

7. Lessened LungCcapacity: 
Your overall fitness level largely Your lung capacity, and is determined by the negative effects of smoking, lung capacity gradually deteriorates. I was sporting a serious level was a test, but a test track had collapsed during smoking and that my lung capacity was well below normal for their age group.

8. Lower Energy: 
If you smoke, your immune system for a long rest. Smoke enters your body immediately when the immune system starts to fight, and to talk to her Overdrive is working on. Additional energy consumption must come from somewhere, and it does. Energy used comes from your overall energy level, at the same time, reduced lung capacity further reduces your energy level at which your body's oxygen consumption, reduces. If you usually smoke at a lower energy level can expect.

9. Less Oxygen For Your Brain: 
Low oxygen in the blood, so it needs to work better, less oxygen to the brain caused. It focuses on the ability of things to have a below average can produce, and it also can cause dizziness.

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